Lantern Slide Collection

Warrington Photographic Society has maintained a histociall unique collection of lantern slides, or sometimes referred to as  'magic lantern' slides, from past members of the club. The slides date back to the early days of the club in the 1890s up to the 1960s when production of glass slides ceased as more modern 35mm slide material became available. The collection is a fascinating journey through history and includes a variety of subject not just in the North West areas but throughout the United Kingdom as well as European destinations.

To find out more on what a magic lantern slides is see the link below:

Wikipedia magic lantern

The Society originally owned 652 slides from 21 workers in the club. More recently a further 96 slides were added from the LCPU archive for Winifred Madeley who was an accoumplished photographer. She joined the club in 1921 starting with a box brownie and became an ARPS in 1926 and was the first lady President of the LCPU. All 748 images are now available digitally for projection.


In 2015 the club also managed to obtain a further 304 slides from the past member Daisy Snoddy. The original collection only has one image from Daisy so these new images are a great addition to the collection. Daisy was also an accomplished photographer with sucess in national competitions and achieving FRPS membership. The club is currently going through a staged process of digitally scanning these images so they can be projected.

There is a small sample of the Lantern slide images available in the Gallery. The total collection contents is as follows:

AE Sudbury - 1 image, AW Guthrie 38 images, C Wilkinson 4 images, CR Lindsey 37 images, Daisy Snoddy 305 images, E Harrison 1 image, F Boden 38 images, G  Kirkby 2 images, G Podmore 3 images, GA Mountfield 145 images, G Ogden 50 images, H Boscow 4 images, HK Southern 1 image, HR George 43 images, J Gregory 7 images, J HArding Snr 1 image, JH Kertland 111 images, KF Bishop 79 images, J Boden 14 images, Unkown 58 images, Unknown Rhine 8 images, W Burrell 4 images and W Madeley 96 images.

There are currently two Lantern Slide lectures available for local clubs or socities. These can be booked via the LCPU booking system or by contacting us. If you are a non-photographic club and interested in seeing the slides please contact us and we can arrange customised talks.