The Warrington Photographic Society Constitution

1. The Society shall be known as the Warrington Photographic Society.

2. Objects of the Society:

The objects of the Society shall be to associate its members for mutual assistance in Photographic matters, by
communications, lectures, competitions, with discussions thereon at the meetings, also by demonstrations of processes,
outdoor excursions, and by other methods conductive to the welfare and advancement of the Society and the Photographic

3. Committee:

(a) The business of the Society shall be managed by a Committee consisting of a minimum of a President, up to two Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Club Secretary, Programme Secretary and at least two other members. Further posts in the Committee shall include, but not be limited to Monthly Competition Secretary, Exhibition Secretary, External Competitions Secretary, Webmaster, Publicity Secretary, and Social Secretary. Committee members shall retire annually but shall be eligible for reelection to any office at the Annual General Meeting.

(b) Nominations to the Committee shall be handled by the Secretary, who must receive the names of a proposer and seconder, together with a written acceptance by the nominee, seven days before the Annual General Meeting.

(c) Nominees must be paid up, life or honorary members of the Society. The retiring President shall be invited to be one of the Vice Presidents for the ensuing year.

(d) All members of the Committee shall be honorary, and five shall form a quorum.

(e) Should any of the Committee posts fall vacant and not be filled within 28 days then at the next Ordinary Meeting of the Society, the Secretary (or in the absence of the Secretary, the President or Treasurer) shall give fourteen days notice of a Special General Meeting to fill the post, change this Constitution or (if required by law) wind up the Society.

(f) The Committee is empowered to co-opt extra members as and when required, and to form subCommittees for the working of any scheme from time to time approved by the full Committee.

4. Meetings:

The following meetings shall be held by the Society.

(a) Committee Meetings shall be held at times most convenient and shall be convened at four days notice by the Secretary.

(b) Ordinary Meetings of the members to be held on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 pm or any other evening as shown in the programme.

(c) An Annual General Meeting to be held in April.

5. Special Meetings:

(a) Special General Meetings shall be convened by the Secretary on receipt of a requisition signed by at least ten members of the Society.

(b) The Secretary shall give all members at least seven days notice of such a Special General Meeting.

(c) Resolutions passed by a majority of members at these meetings shall be considered as passed by the society

6. Members:

(a) Membership of the Society is inclusive and open to all. New members will be admitted at any club evening by completing the membership form. The name and address of the new member shall be sent in writing on the membership form to the Secretary together with the first annual subscription.

(b) Visitors may attend up to three meetings after which membership should be sought.

(c) A visitor’s fee shall be charged at the door for non-members and visitors attending any general meetings until they become a new member.

(d) The subscription of new members joining after 31st january shall be 50% of the full subscription for the remaining programme up to 1st September.

7. Subscriptions:

The Annual subscriptions shall be reviewed each year by the Committee and presented to the society at the Annual General Meeting for ratification. Current rates shall be printed in the programme. All subscriptions are payable in advance and are due on the 1st September each year

8. Members in Arrears:

If the subscription of any member is not paid by the last day in December, the Committee have the discretion to strike any such member off the society's list of members.

9. Expulsion of Members:

The Committee shall have the power to expel any member of the Society on a motion voted for by three fourths of the members present, the voting on the motion by ballot.

10. Life Members and Honorary Members:

Life members and Honorary shall be elected at the discretion of the Committee, but shall be confirmed at the following General Meeting or at the Annual General Meeting

11. Property:

(a) The Committee for the time shall be the custodians of the property and effects of the Society, and shall be maintained appropriately and used for its designated purpose only.

(b) The Committee shall be empowered to apply for and invest the funds thereof in any way the majority may think fit for the general welfare of the Society.

(c) The Committee shall hold an inventory of the property including the respective custodians, which shall be reviewed annually at the Annual General Meeting.

(d) Digital data shall be backed up on a suitable storage facility.

(e) All Property of the Society, in the event of the Society having to be wound up due to a lack of members or insolvency, shall be donated to another club, society or charity, with similar objects to that of Warrington Photographic Society as the Committee sees fit

12. Policies and Rules

(a) The Committee shall have the power to enact polices or rules for the working of any scheme in connection with the Society, which require approval at the AGM or a SGM as per Rule 13.

(b) The Committee shall be responsible for ensuring the club has suitable and valid Public Liability and equipment insurance cover.

(c) The Committee shall produce and ensure compliance with Safeguarding Policies for Adults and Children, Health and Safety Policy and Data Protection Policy. These documents should be reviewed by Committee annually and if changed, ratified at the next AGM meeting.

(d) This Constitution document of the Society shall be issued to all members, displayed in the Meeting Room and on the societies web site

13. Alterations to the Constitution:

No alteration shall be made in these rules except at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting called for the purpose. Notice of such alterations shall be read out at the Ordinary meeting at least one week before the meeting at which the alterations be proposed.

14. Social Media:

The Committee shall utilise social media platforms such as a website and Facebook group for the purpose of promoting the society as they see fit. The Committee and members of the club shall not use the society’s social media platforms for commercial gain in any guise. Any member using Warrington Photographic Society social media for commercial gain, posting inappropriate images or comments on the social media platforms shall have their access removed and shall be referred to Committee under Rule 9. All posting of events outside of Warrington Photographic Society must be vetted by the social media representative to ensure compliance.

15. Finacial Governance:

The Treasurer shall maintain the incoming and expenditure records for the Society, which shall be independently audited annually. All Society monies will be kept in the Society’s Bank Account. The Treasurer, President and Secretary shall be controlling signatories on the account. Committee members and officers who incur expenses in performing their duties shall have those reimbursed by the Treasurer subject to proof of valid receipts or a mileage claim. All other expenditure, excluding expenses, shall be approved by the Committee in advance and shall be in furtherance of the Society’s aims and in compliance with this Constitution.

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Revised June 2018.